Beyond impunity : new directions for governance in Malawi

Including a foreword by Paul Zeleza and co-published with the University of Cape Town Press this comprehensive, compelling, accessible and timely volume should be compulsory reading to academics, policy makers, social activists, and the general public in Malawi and elsewhere on the continent. The accounts the authors present of the pervasive dysfunctions of Malawi's troubled experiment with multiparty democracy since the mid-1990s, and the endlessly deferred dreams of development, are often dispiriting. Yet, their bleak diagnoses are often accompanied by ameliorative prescriptions that are simultaneously bold and pragmatic. The book exudes a sense of hope that the struggles for a better future will continue. In itself the book represents a testament to the possibilities of the country's democratic dispensation, the need to unflinchingly confront the country's debilitating political and socioeconomic pathologies. Such a text would have been unthinkable during the dictatorship of the founding president, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda

Author: Ross, Kenneth R, Editor

Publisher: Mzuzu : Mzuni Press

Binding: Paperback

Country: Malawi

ISBN: 9780799225525

Language: English

Pagnum: 396

SUBJECT: Administration

Year: 2022

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