Who is African? : homosexuality and other questions on being an African

Who is African? Africa is the continent of about 1,216 billion people from different race, culture, tradition or backgrounds. Some black Africans believe that being black is the only factor contributing to African identities. One of the young African leaders, Destino Kazika Nzonzidi Walo, has used a hypothesis which has five categories of Africans to help readers to return to the subject, who is African. Nevertheless, the categories are not enough on they own; thus the author also introduced two factors that contribute to African identities and those differential Africans from others. Furthermore, is homosexuality African, is one of the famous questions someone could find in African communities. The author has argued if homosexuality was imported on the African continent or not. This book, who is African, is not just a book you will read. It is a path on an expedition of reflection.

Author: Destino Kazika Nzonzidi Walo

Binding: Paperback

Country: South Africa

ISBN: 9781720255147

Language: English

Pagnum: 122

SUBJECT: Sociology

Year: 2018

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