Zimbabwe - The Past is the Future

The contributors to the book, all Zimbabweans by birth or by adoption, argue that although this is not a sustainable policy in the long run, it may persist in the shorter term. To break the deadlock requires an understanding of the processes that have brought the country to its present state. The essays pose and respond to a range of questions concerning politics, the land, the environment, economics, civil rights, torture, the opposition, the press, Robert Mugabe, and the ideologies informing the decisions of those in power before and since independence. Contributors include Brian Raftopoulos, Godfrey Kanyenze, Emmanuel Manzungu, and Chido Makunike.

Author: Harold-Barry, David, Editor

Publisher: Weaver Press

Binding: Paperback

Country: Zimbabwe

ISBN: 9781779220257

Language: English

Pagnum: 292

SUBJECT: Politicsitics and international affairs

Year: 2004

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